11 Reasons Your Company Needs Content Marketing


Well, looking at the rising pace at which content marketing is being adopted by businesses worldwide, it is safe to say that it provides the result. Or how Shahrukh Khan would say, “Don’t underestimate the power of content marketing”.

Since you have stumbled upon my blog with high hopes, let me simplify things for you.

First thing’s first, what is content marketing?

Content marketing is creating and sharing constructive, applicable and consistent content that attracts your target audience and generates leads.

Still too complicated?

My friend, let’s call her Rachel, is quite passionate about skincare. She reads various articles and subscribes to numerous newsletters that give her tips and advice on how to make yourself look 10 years younger (that’s the dream), for free.

There is this particular brand whose newsletter is impeccable. Rachel reads it daily before bed and follows a lot of their recommendations. The brand sells makeup but their newsletter has nothing to do with it.

The fact that a cosmetic brand offers such good information about skincare has made Rachel loyal to the brand as she trusts them with her skin. That’s Content Marketing!

It doesn’t always promote the company’s product, but it attracts leads by providing helpful content.

Let’s move forward to why your business needs content marketing to grow.

11 points to convince you of the benefits of content marketing

1. Boosts Search Engine Optimisation

SEO! It’s everywhere! You must be wondering what is Seo? Good Read For Beginners!

Whenever you type your doubts or questions in the Google, Yahoo or Bing search bar they provide you with various results, don’t they? There’s a good chance your site may get lost among thousands of optimized blogs. The site containing the maximum number of keywords relevant to the question searched will be on the first page of those results.

SEO is adding content to your site so that the keywords are repeated and search engines become fond of your website. It helps you rank higher in searches.

2. Gives a voice to your brand

Every brand is unique. Their uniqueness may reflect in the products they make but before a customer uses them the brand has to find a way to convey their voice.

Look no more!

Content marketing is the way.

The tone of your blog communicates your standards and highlights your individuality. Make sure to use content marketing to emphasize your differentiating qualities and put across your point firmly.

3. Marketing cost reduction

Who doesn’t like cost-cutting? If I told you that by investing less you will get better results in content marketing, would you go back to your old ways? Hell, no!

Many companies have switched to content marketing after learning the benefits and it’s an extremely low-cost requirement.

4. A decent way of generating leads

You all may have experienced the moment when you’re about to dig deeper into your comforter and sip coke while watching Netflix when suddenly your phone rings. On the other end is a woman calling to ask you whether you would be interested in buying an oven. What a waste!

That’s cold calling and trust me when I say this, its a cold and annoying way of marketing your product. Content marketing is specific. Nobody is interrupted from their normal life and forced to listen to your pitch. They choose to be on your site, reasons uncountable, and that’s your cue to allure them.

You don’t have to seek out people, they actively seek you.

5. Guaranteed Outreach

I have an ad blocker app on my mobile. Do you?

You can’t blame somebody for not wanting to be smacked in the face with an image or video praising a product/brand every 15 seconds without asking for it. Due to the increasing number of brands, paid advertising which was once fruitful has now become intolerable and aggressive.

If I am in a restaurant and I order fish, I do not want to be forced to eat prawns. Get me my fish! Keeping the customers happy is the top priority for any firm.

Content marketing guarantees that no customer gets annoyed and they are only served what they ask for. Visitors land on your content through a personal choice of clearing one’s doubts or wanting to know more about the subject the blog covers.

6. Greater return on investment

Content marketing is proven to generate three times more leads compared to other marketing techniques. Higher visibility of your quality content means increased traffic, hence several leads. It is all interconnected.

Higher visibility = Increased Traffic = More leads = Greater ROI

Leads are the bait to attract new traffic and also are the source of your income as they are your potential customers.

7. Builds a relationship with the audience

Content marketing is much more personal compared to other marketing techniques. Personalized and targeted content placed in front of the right customers generates 760 % more revenue.

It’s similar to the fact that I would prefer eating the fish I ordered rather than prawns abruptly given to me without my consent. ‘One size fits all’ is outdated and it does not provide outcomes. Segmented campaigns are the way to go if you want to build a relationship with your audience

Building a relationship is all about keeping in mind the needs of your customers. Content marketing lives up to the expectation by reaching out with the solution every time to the one in need.

8. Strengthens your social media presence

Content marketing paves a way for other marketing strategies. This is to say, if you have a solid content library it is easier to make your presence noticed on social media. People are content hungry. Irresistible content will drive traffic to your site through social media and people who like your site may take an initiative to follow you on Instagram and Facebook.

9. Acts like a good friend during three stages of buying

Inviting people to check out what your brand offers through dangling blog posts. This is the first stage where you hook your audience. Cater to their problems so that they make you their crib.

When the customer proceeds to the second stage where they are contemplating which solution they prefer the most, your content must provide them with the in-depth resources. For instance, videos, seminars, and expert guides are very useful during this stage.

Finally, a product demonstration is a last bit of motivation to assure your product is a good catch. In this stage, you ultimately have to push them to make a purchase and they become your customer.

10. Attracts talented employees like a moth to a flame

An industry that is perceived as a leader attracts the youth. Therefore, your content may give an insight into your work culture which results in talented youngsters to seek a position in your reputed company.

A company is made by its employees and the good lot seeks a growing environment. Affirm your company’s brand value through content marketing and draw in a pool of knowledgeable minds.

11. Content is Eternal

Lastly, any form of marketing requires change which doubles the time of creation, the effort, and money. It cannot create a lasting effect as it has to be replaced with new marketing strategies.

Think of a billboard. You need to change it after a certain period. It is not visible to the audience forever.

Content marketing lives forever. It always exists on the Internet and does not cease to exist. With time it’s credibility increases if anything. A five-year-old blog could get you, customers, to date. Saves a lot of time and money. I feel like quoting a few lines of John Keats poem:

A thing of beauty is a joy forever

Its loveliness increases; it will never

Pass into nothingness………………………..

In this context, the thing of beauty is content marketing. People can read it and educate themselves way ahead in the future and your business may gain profit from a marketing strategy applied years ago. A win-win situation for both parties.

In conclusion, a profitable marketing strategy exist but nothing comes close to content marketing. With half your money spent, you can gain unimaginable profits. Three times the lead generation and higher conversion guarantee increased revenue. Many organizations have already successfully executed this strategic marketing campaign. Do it yourself and spread the word, for helping others will help you!

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