12 Reasons Why WordPress Dominates For Content Success


I speak to many people and most of them ask me “Is WordPress Good To Start My Website or Blog?” A simple answer is Yes, Why not? WordPress is getting so popular and helping people like me (I don’t know to code). I would say it is not just 1 reason but to help your content to be successful, WordPress can do wonder.

Not just 1 but 12 reasons

1. Search Engine Optimization

WordPress is touted to have the best Content Management System because of the number of extensions and plugins that exist on the WordPress platform that makes it nice with Google and other search engines. Yoast, All in One SEO, Rank Math, and SEOPress are the plugins that beginners can use, but it is advised to use only one plugin at a time to avoid plugin conflict.

Also, read on – Important On-Page SEO Elements.

2. Ease of Use

Even if you are unfamiliar with CMS or SEOs, it is easy to build a professional blogging site with WordPress as it does not need any technical knowledge, unlike HTML and PHP. Additionally, the administrative interface is quite intuitive. This makes adding content quick, easy and ensures that the output is interactive. It does not require any kind of dependency as you can just log in, add, remove or edit with a few clicks. 

Thus, the dashboard is very easy to understand, making it easy to use for content creating and sharing.

3. Quick Installation

Installing files is quick as you do not need FTP servers to upload them. Multiple hosting providers like Bluehost, HostGator, SiteGround, etc are available. You have to visit the hosting provider’s control panel and simply click ‘Install WordPress’, and within a few minutes, the job will be done efficiently and effectively.

Creating content after this step will be easier.

4. Security

No software package with such extensive global usage is free from vulnerability. However, compared to the competitors, WordPress is quite secure, given that the onus of maintaining security lies with the users/ owners of the blogs. WordPress provides 2 effective solutions, i.e. WordPress backup and WordFence Security to help the users/authors keep it safe while being fast and effective.

5. WordPress Plugins

WordPress provides thousands of plugins to do everything and anything. It has plugins for integrating with social media, helping to do a podcast, track metrics on the site, create customized email capture boxes, efficient commenting systems, etc. Right from customizing the minute things to capturing reader information, WordPress offers a host of plugins to turn a simple blog into a better and more powerful blog.

6. Strong Community Support

Since WordPress is used globally on such a large scale, it has a large community. This helps to facilitate the process for beginners as there are numerous blogs, e-books, video tutorials, online suggestions, message boards, all helping the community grow and become better day by day.

Additionally, since it is open-source, it receives numerous feedback regularly, which leads to quicker bug fixes, the addition of new functionality and features. Thus, a vast, strong community helps WordPress and its stakeholders to stay updated.

7. Speed

In this day and age, surely it is important how you do it but now it has equally become important how fast you can do it. And WordPress gives you that speed while you are creating content with the help of it. As there are just sufficient elements, features and plugins for content making, it does not make WordPress light and fast enough to work with efficiency.

Moreover, Google has also declared that speed is one of the criteria that they consider while ranking websites on their site.

8. WordPress Theme Customization

Your online blogging website needs to have a look of its own. WordPress is just the right tool for it. WordPress offers you 4000 to 5000 of themes and templates for your Content making site customization.

Apart from this, they have these plugins that make your blogging site more attractive than ever. And the best part about customization is that it is relatively easier than the other content creating site you can do all this on your own without any extra knowledge about CSS.

9. WordPress Updates

As WordPress is open-source, the WordPress team constantly receives feedback and improvements from the blogger and other content creators. So. WordPress regularly rolls out updates for the design and development community.

It is not some static software that once you download you are on your own. It is continuously improving and evolving as per the content creator’s needs and requirements.

10. Permalinks

Permalinks or permanent links are the final URLs associated with your blog’s posts and pages. Significantly, such links display the content of a particular page or post you are going to share.

WordPress allows you to make SEO-friendly URLs or permalinks that consist of the keywords from the headline or that you can edit to anything you want. Including keywords in the URL is very helpful for your website rank. Google will find these keywords in your URL and would rank your post for those keywords.

11. Auto Pinging

Unlike another Blogging website, WordPress has a pinging system of its own, which notifies major indexes automatically whenever you post new content on the site.

It sends a signal to different websites that your website has been updated. Pinging is quite important and valuable to speed up the indexing process and help your website get ranked in the search engines.

12. RSS Feed

RSS stands for Really Simple Syndication. It helps in your content visibility by sending your content to a feed directory with a link coming back to your website.

RSS Feeds allows your readers to subscribe to your feed so they can receive updates to your blog. The built-in RSS feed makes WordPress a very powerful SEO tool.

Wasn’t it amazing to know these reasons?

Remember, we don’t need to be a coder to start our website.

Today it is simple to create an amazing website/blog and manage it. We just need to be aware and of course passionate to learn and bring us online.

Still not convinced? Read more as to why should you have your website on WordPress and how much does a WordPress site cost?

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